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The Aluvihare temple is a major Buddhist site.

This page has not been updated since June 2014. 

Matale, a town in the hill country of Sri Lanke is famous for its monastic caves situated among the rocks that have fallen from the mountains. Here is the Aluvihara Rock Temple where in the 1st century BC the Buddhist doctrines were first transcribed on palm leaves. 50 to 100 thousand people visit each day in May and June.

Dambulla, Matale
Also in Matale is the rock temple at Dambulla with its 10 metre long reclining statue of the Buddha

A cave painting from Matale
And the Hindu temple of Sri Muthumariamman Thevasthanam Temple with its 5 enormous colourful ceremonial chariots pulled along by people during an annual festival which attracts half a million people every February or March.

Matale now plans to green the area surrounding the temples with trees and plants as well as organize waste collection and produce compost fertilizer from degradable bio waste.

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