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Maoshan prepares to hold the First International Conference for Daoist Ecological Temples

June 21, 2018:


Maoshan Event: 17 – 20 August 2018

The first ever International Conference for Daoist Ecological Temples will be held on the Daoist sacred mountain of Maoshan this August.

The event will launch the next Daoist Long-Term Plan for the protection of the environment, and it will also consolidate the Daoist Ecological Temple Network, and announce plans for it to have a formal headquarters..

"The heart of this programme is the Daoist Ecological Temple Network which brings together hundreds of Daoist Temples across China who are at the forefront of faith-inspired environmental action," said ARC's Secretary General, Martin Palmer

ARC, and our long-term partner Valley Foundation, are supporting the event.

The statue of LaoZi is one of the newer features of the temple at Mao Shan
Maoshan is one of the most important Daoist Sacred Mountains in China. In the fourth and fifth centuries one of the three major Schools of Daoism, the School of Supreme Purity, was formed there. It is also one of the most important Daoist heavenly grottos.

It has been a leading centre of environmental work for over a decade, since the 2008 Daoist Forum in which the MaoShan Declaration on protecting the environment was made. Read the MaoShan Declaration here.

Accommodation will be in the Daoist ecological hotel and temple complex. Maoshan means "Grass" or "Thatch" Mountain" and it is close to the city of Nanjing, in Jiangsu province.

Registration and Meeting dates

Registration will be on the 17th August, with the meeting taking place on the 18th and 19th, and departures on the 20th.

Maoshan monks urge all visitors to think about the environment. PHOTO: 2008 Victoria Finlay

This is a prestigious event for the Daoist community. We will select temple delegates from the online discussion group they have formed to discuss their environmental challenges and solutions. In addition, nine certified DETN Temples of Excellence will be voted upon and invited toward the end of July.

We will also select Daoist students from Daoist institutions to represent Daoist Young Leaders, to listen and to share their thoughts. In addition, there will also be members of the Daoist community who are championing for Daoist Grottos to be included in UNESCO's heritage list. They will report on the status of the application at the event in Maoshan.

Key themes of the conference:

  • Experiences and practice of Daoist Ecological Temples
  • Daoist Ecological Temples and the conservation of scenic areas (including recycling)
  • Daoist Ecological Temples and Environmental Education
  • Scientific Mercy Release and Wildlife Protection
  • Daoist Ecological Temples and Building a Community of Shared Future for Humankind
  • Daoist Ecological Temples and Healthy China
  • Ecological Wisdoms and Practices of Major Religions


A revised draft of the new Daoist long-term environmental plan will be announced. This plan will be discussed, and we hope approved, at the China Daoist Association meeting later this year. Also, nine Daoist Ecological Temple Network centres of excellence in mainland China will be certified and a new headquarters for the Daoist Ecological Temple Network will be announced, to be located in Maoshan.


2008 MaoShan Declaration.

What does Daoism teach us about Ecology?.

Daoist Faith statement about the environment

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June 21, 2018:
Maoshan to hold 1st International Conference for Daoist Ecological Temples
The first ever International Conference for Daoist Ecological Temples will be held on the Sacred Mountain of Maoshan this August. It will launch the next Daoist Eight-Year eco Plan.