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Baha'i Seven Year Plan

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Following the ARC/UNDP Windsor Event in November 2009, the Baha'i launched their Seven Year Plan to protect the living planet. As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon reminded the faiths "You can, and do, inspire people to change".

The Baha'i's Seven Year Plan stresses that the most effective method to raise the consciousness of the worldwide Bahá’í community on the subject of climate change and to engage them in acts of service related to environmental sustainability is to develop a course to explore the relationship of humans to the environment as articulated in the Bahá’í Sacred Writings.

This course would not simply be aimed at increasing knowledge on the subject but, as mentioned above, would build the capacity of participants to engage in acts of service related to environmental sustainability. Similarly, the programs for children and junior youth would include material on climate change and the contribution that the younger generation can make to address the climate crisis.

The plan encourages, amongst other activities:

  • the holding of devotional gatherings theme ‘care of the earth’ or ‘the environment’. Prayers, sacred writings and meditations during the devotional can elaborate this theme.

  • children’s classes offering acts of service to their communities. In some cases planting a community garden or cleaning up a stream or river.

  • study, action and reflection resulting in a coherent framework for action on the subject of climate change.


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