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Shinto eco-news

The newly rebuilt Naiku shrine at Ise, dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu-omikami

June 1-5 2014: Shinto authorities to host international gathering Jinja Honcho, the organisation of sacred Shinto shrines, is inviting partners from the Green Pilgrimage Network to Ise, Japan, for a major gathering of faith-based environmentalism. This is the first international religious Gathering that Jinja Honcho has ever hosted and marks a significant moment in Shinto history. Responding over the last 2 decades to the environmental issues confronting not just Japan but the world, Shintoism has looked deep into its own traditions and practices. It has found there is a profound wisdom about our place within the world of Nature and the need to restore respect for Nature.

The event also coincides with celebrations to mark the rebuilding of the shrine at Ise, Shintoism’s most sacred place. Read more here.

June 2010: Shinto announce long-term plan for the environment The Shinto have made a long term plan plan to help protect the living planet, which was launched at the Windsor Celebration in November last year. To view this and other commitments link here.

August 2007: Jinja Honcho joins Church of Sweden in forest conservation partnership Millions of hectares of religious forestry to be managed ecologically after a Lutheran and Shinto joint initiative was announced at the inaugural Faiths and Forests conference in Visby, Sweden. Link here for more information.

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