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Jewish eco-news

April 21-26, 2013: Jerusalem hosts international symposium on sustainable pilgrimage The organisation Green Pilgrim Jerusalem hosted the first international Jerusalem Symposium on Green and Accessible Pilgrimage from April 21-26 at the Jerusalem International YMCA. The event, which coincided with Earth Day, 2013, drew delegates from many religions ands pilgrim destinations worldwide. Read more here.

June 2010: Seven year plan to protect planet launched The Jewish Climate Change Campaign have made a seven year plan to help protect the living planet, which was launched at the Windsor Celebration in November last year. To view this (and other) long term commitments link here.

May 2009: British Jews commit to Fairtrade principles "Tzedakah", Hebrew for charity, is central to Jewish values and prayers. The root is "Tzedek", meaning "Justice" and the Torah teaches "Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof" - Justice, Justice, Shall you Pursue." The Board of Deputies of British Jews has produced A Jewish guide to Fairtrade, which outlines theological and moral reasons for buying Fair Trade goods - and in its analysis, background and human stories, we anticipate it will be interesting and useful for people of all faiths.

April 2009: A "Seven Year Plan for the Jewish People on Climate Change and Sustainability" drafted This important plan has been drafted, and its discussion sessions launched with a key meeting in Jerusalem, attended by some 55 experts: rabbis, scientists, businesspeople, environmentalists, policy makers and educators. Hazon, the biggest Jewish environmental organization in the United States laid much of the groundwork for the project over the past decade. To read a major news story on the new Jewish Seven Year Plan in The Jerusalem Post, link here and to read ARC's newstory, link here.

January 2009: "Tu B'Shvat" inspires eco-building This year, the Jewish celebration of "Tu B'Shvat," the “re-birthday of the trees” falls from the evening of Sunday, February 8th to Monday, February 9th. In Illinois, USA, one leading reconstructionist congregation will be celebrating both the re-birthday of the trees, and the first birthday of the sustainable re-construction of their own synagogue. The $10 million dollar building includes 96 percent of the old building, recycled or reclaimed. Link here for more details.

September 2008: The Climate Institute has reported on a visit to Australia by Pacific Church representatives in August 2008. The visit coincided with 39 leaders from multi-faith groups who signed an open letter calling for action to address the destruction caused by climate change. The open letter was signed in a collaboration with the research organisation, the Climate Institute, and representatives from the Baha’i, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist faiths. Link here for more details.

July 2008: interfaith walk in Bristol Link here for news of a multi-faith walk which took place in July 2008 across Clifton Suspension Bridge with a Jewish Rabbi, a Christian Bishop and a Muslim Imam.

March 2007: Interfaith environmental initiative launched in UK A new eco-faith initiative was launched in Dorset UK in March 2007 by Rabbi Neil Amswych to encourage understanding between communities and care for creation. The initiative IDEA, was publicised as a website in summer 2008. Link here for more details.

2007: Big Green Jewish Website launched A wonderful new environmental resource was launched in the UK in 2007 in the form of the "Big Green Jewish Website". Link here for more information.

2002: British Jewish organisation launches major environmental commitment In 2002 the UK's largest Jewish organisation, the Board of Deputies, launched a joint programme with the main Jewish environmental organisation Noah. The programme is intended to integrate environmentally sustainable practices into all main levels of traditional Jewish life. Initiatives were designed around three main spheres of activity: communities; homes and families; educational establishments. Link here for more information.

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In 2002 the UK's largest Jewish organisation, the Board of Deputies, launched a joint programme with the main Jewish environmental organisation Noah