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Daoist eco-news


January 29, 2014, Daoist and Buddhist leaders promote eco-friendly incense for New Year celebrations In advance of the beginning of the Year of The Horse on January 31, 2014, a press conference in Beijing was co-hosted by the Chinese Buddhist Association and Chinese Taoist Association. Religious leaders from both traditions urged Chinese people to use environmentally-friendly incense during the impending New Year rituals and celebrations to avoid unnecessary air pollution. Read more here.


Master Ren Farong
October 2, 2013, Master Ren Farong gives lecture in London During a historic visit to the UK senior Daoist from China Master Ren Farong delivered a lecture about Daoism and its modern day application to an audience atSchool of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) in the University of London. In his late 80s, Master Ren Farong is the President of the China Daoist Association (CDA). Read more here.

June 26, 2013, Historic visit by world religious leader to ARC office A historic step forward in ARC’s ongoing partnership with Daoists in China happened when a delegation including the Secretary General of the China Daoist Association visited ARC’s office outside Bath, UK. During their visit there were important discussions about many issues, including tackling the illegal wildlife trade and making China’s pilgrimage places more ecological. Read more here.


May 23, 2012, ARC visits major green transformation around Daoist shrine in China A delegation from ARC had the privilege of visiting the West China city of Louguan and to see its amazing transformation thanks to a $1.5 billion investment from individuals and the Chinese government. Revered as the place where Lao Zi is said to have written the Dao De Jing the city and nearby mountains have been declared a conservation area to be reforested, while the urban area is being made into a model 'sustainable city' with renewable energy, organic farming and other green innovations. You can read more about the ARC delegates experience here .


November 13, 2011, ARC featured on China's CCTV A major interview on Daoism and its relevance to China today with ARC's Martin Palmer was broadcast to tens of millions last night on China's state television network. It was broadcast in English and Chinese, with subtitles, and can be watched here. Click here for more about the broadcast.

October 20, 2011, Chinese Government consults the Daoists on social problems for the first time A major meeting next week at the Hengshan sacred mountain in Hunan marks the first time in nearly 900 years that the Chinese government has asked the Daoists for advice in how to manage the country. Click here for more.

October 4, 2011, ARC to contribute to International Taoist Forum in China ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer will speak about Daoism and the Environment at a major Daoist gathering in October, 2011. The event will take place in Heng Shan, Hunan province - and for the first time is a Daoist event sponsored by the Government. Click here for more.

February 24, 2011, Daoist Eco Handbook for temples An inspiring handbook for Daoist temples about how - and why - to go green has now been translated into English. Download it here. It makes for inspiring reading. It includes case studies, quotes, prayers for morning, afternoon and evening, and simple advice on how to take care of nature. Click here for more.

News before 2011

***** June 2010: The Daoists have made an eight year plan to help protect the living planet, which was launched at the Windsor Celebration in November last year. To view this (and other) long term commitments link here.

***** February 2009: The Guardian newspaper published a column about religion in China which quoted extensively from ARC’s work in that area. The column, by philosopher and writer Mark Vernon, featured an interview with ARC’s Secretary General, Martin Palmer. It described ARC as “one of the few outside organisations that have a license from the Chinese government to work with religious groups in the country.” Please link here for more news of this story.

***** October 2008: ARC and the UN participated in The Third Daoist Ecology Forum in Jurong, China where the Mao Shan Declaration was signed. ARC's Secretary General Martin Palmer gave an introductory speech and response. UNDP Assistant Secretary General Olav Kjorven was the secular guest of honour, and later he wrote a moving article and blog about the event, and the Daoist response to Climate Change. The Daoists created and announced their draft Eight Year Plan which can be downloaded here.

***** Lao Zi, the great sage of Daoism, is to be made the God of Ecological Protection for China. Link here for more information about this, including links to the full report from an extraordinary Daoist Ecology workshop in June 2007, an environmental audit for Daoist temples throughout the country, and photographs from the opening of the new Daoist Ecology Temple.

***** The first full-scale Daoist ecology workshop at ARC’s new Daoist Ecology Temple at Taibaishan in June 2007 was massively oversubscribed. Link here for more information.

***** More than 500 delegates attended the International Daodejing Forum in Xian and Hongkong in April 2007 - including leading Daoist priests and scholars, and the Minister for Religions in China. The programme included a strand that explored Daoism's role in the environment, and how Daoists can help protect the land from the pollution and rapid development that are such a feature of China today. ARC was invited to present one of the key speeches. Link here for more information.

***** In 2006 Daoist monks and nuns representing ten temples in Shaanxi and Gansu provinces signed a commitment, known as the Qinling Declaration, to protect the environment around their sacred lands and buildings. Link here for more information.

***** Through astrological dances, chanting, processions, invocations and offerings, the three great gods of Taibaishan in central China were not only invited back to the ancient temple site of this pilgrim mountain in October 2006 - but were also asked to bless a Daoist ecology centre opening there next year. Link here for more information.

***** “When I was a chemical engineering student I was given the task of making a particularly difficult organic dyestuff. It took me weeks and many failures. And one day, returning to my room, I discovered that a plant in the window had produced a flower with exactly colour, from just earth, water, air and light. And in less than a day." A feature about how former industrial chemist Allerd Sticker turned philanthropist, and started helping projects in the Daoist Mountains of China. Link here for more information.

***** A feature about ARC’s Presentation at the Daoist Forum (in Chinese) April 23 2007. Link here for more information.

***** "If all things grow well, then a society is affluent. If they don’t, then the kingdom is in decline. This view should encourage both governments and people to take good care of nature." A presentation about the Daoist view of the environment, presented at Lambeth 2005. Link here for more information.

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